How to Retrieve NDLEA Recruitment Application ID Code

If you have submitted an application for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) recruitment but have misplaced or forgotten your Application Identifier, this guide will instruct you on how to recover your misplaced NDLEA Application ID Code.

It is regrettable that many applicants did not manage to download or print their NDLEA registration acknowledgment slip, which includes their application ID, before the recruitment portal’s closure.

Now, the challenge facing numerous candidates is their NDLEA application ID, which is essential for accessing the online test portal. This article will give you tips on how to retrieve the NDLEA Recruitment Application ID Code.

Please Note: You will not be able to proceed with the NDLEA assessment test without knowledge of your Application ID, as it is necessary to access the NDLEA test portal.

The encouraging news is that candidates who have forgotten or misplaced their NDLEA ID can still retrieve it by following the instructions on this page, as this post is specifically designed to guide you through the process of retrieving the NDLEA Application ID.

How to Retrieve NDLEA Recruitment Application ID Code

The process of recovering your NDLEA Application ID is quite straightforward. This guide is tailored for candidates who applied under the Superintendent Cadre. Follow these steps:

  • Write down the following: NDLEA/SUPT/2024/xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • The initial ID for all candidates in the Superintendent Cadre is NDLEA/SUPT/2024/
  • After noting down the initial part, complete the remaining digits with your NIN (National Identification Number).

For example, if your NIN is 83662084295, then your NDLEA application ID should be NDLEA/SUPT/2024/83662084295.

Please Note: To log in to the NDLEA test portal, format your application ID as follows: NDLEA-SUPT-2024-83662084295. Do not use a ‘slash’.

With the above hints, you would be able to know how to retrieve NDLEA recruitment application ID code.

Other FAQs About NDLEA Recruitment

What is the format for NDLEA application ID?

Starting from tomorrow, candidates must format their Application ID as follows: NDLEA-SUPT-2024-12345678910, not as NDLEA/SUPT/2024/12345678910, when logging into their assessment dashboard. PLEASE BE AWARE that those who employ a slash (/) instead of a dash (-) will be unable to access their dashboard.

How do I log into my NDLEA account?

To access, all you need to do is use your computer or mobile device and enter the URL

The webpage will appear, and from there, proceed to complete the application form, upload the necessary documents, and finally, submit your application.

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