How to Apply For Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

If you are interested in obtaining a police clearance certificate in Nigeria and you do not know how to, read this article. This article will provide you with all the information you need to help you obtain this certificate without any hassles.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A police clearance certificate is an official document issued by the Nigerian Police Force. This document is issued to individuals who are migrating to other countries, this is to guarantee the host country that the immigrant is free of criminal records.

Why do I Need a Police Clearance Certificate?

  1. If you have intentions of leaving the country to another country, you will need the certificate.
  2. If you want to occupy a sensitive position in Nigeria, you may be required to submit a police clearance certificate.
  3. If you are invited by the Canadian Immigration office to complete your application for a temporary or permanent residence, you will be required to submit a police clearance certificate.
  4. If you want to pursue a postgraduate program in UAE, UK, Canada, Russia or any foreign institutions, you will be required to submit the police clearance certificate.
  5. If you are visiting another country as a tourist, you will need police character certificate.

Requirements For Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate

Below are the requirements for obtaining the police clearance certificate.

  1. Valid international passport
  2. Two passport-size photographs
  3. Application fees: N3,500-N8, 000 (the price may vary)

Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria: Application Guide

You can obtain the certificate using these three methods:-

  1. You can apply in person at the force CID, Police Criminal Registry, Alagbon, Lagos State
  2. You can apply from your state through Nigeria Police Force website.
  3. You can apply outside Nigeria through a third party service

 How To Apply For Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

Below are the steps for applying for the police clearance certificate:-

  1. Visit the address
  2. Register on the site using your first name, last name, your phone number, and a valid e-mail address, and click “Register”
  3. Once you have registered successfully, an “Application ID” will be generated, take note of the ID.
  4. Enter your email address, and the application ID and click “Login”.
  5. You will see “CLICK HERE TO PROCEED”, click on it and proceed to complete the application form with the required details.
  6. Upload the bio-data page of your International Passport.
  7. Print out the information submitted then take the print out to the forensic section in the State Police Command for fingerprint analysis.
  8. Below are the details you are required to supply to complete your application form:

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Phone number, Date of birth (dd/mm/yr), Marital status, State, L.G.A., Sex, Place of birth, NIMC Number (National Identity Management Commission), Address, Bank Account Number, Bank Name, Type of Account, Your current employer, Your current position, and Profession.

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