How Far is a Klick in Military Terms? (Best Answer)

Have you ever asked yourself how far is a click/klick in military terms? The military often uses language that isn’t familiar to civilians. So if you have ever wonder how far a klick is in military terms, then you are not alone.

Whether you want to pursue a career in the military or want to attain a military college, it’s best you get an accurate answer to this question so that you will know what to say when someone asks you, “How far is a klick/click in military terms?”

Therefore, this article is designed to help you understand what a klick/click is and how far a click is in military terms. Interesting, if so, read on to find the best answer.

How Far is a Klick in Military Terms?

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A click also called a “klick”, is the same as the distance of one kilometer or 0.6214 miles or 3,280.84 feet in the US & UK military. A Klick is a military term for kilometers. The term “klick” is derived from the word “kilometer.” So, one klick equals one kilometer. The use of the word, “Klick” came into existence during the Vietnam war.

The table below shades further light on how far one click is in military terms.

How Far is a Klick/Click in Military Terms?

The table below beautifully describes how far a click is in military terms.

1 Click 0.62 Mile 1000 Meters 3280.83 feet
2 Click 1.24 miles 2000 Meters 6561.68 feet
3 Click 1.86 miles 3000 Meters 9842.52 feet
4 Click 2.49 miles 4000 Meters 13123.36 feet
5 Click 3.11 miles 5000 Meters 16404.20 feet
6 Click 3.73 miles 6000 Meters 19685.04 feet
7 Click 4.35 miles 7000 Meters 22965.88 Feet
8 Click 4.97 miles 8000 Meters 26246.72 Feet
9 Click 5.59 miles 9000 Meters 29527.56 Feet
10 Clicks 6.21 miles 10000 Meters 32808.39 Feet
11 Clicks 6.82 miles 11000 Meters 36089.24 Feet
12 Clicks 7.44 miles 12000 Meters 39370.0 Feet
15 clicks 9.30 miles 15000 Meters 49212.59 Feet
20 clicks 12.43 miles 20000 Meters 65616.79 Feet
25 clicks 15.53 miles 25000 Meters 82020.99 Feet
30 clicks 18.64 miles 30000 Meters 98425.19 Feet
50 clicks 31.07 miles 50000 Meters 164041.99 Feet
100 clicks 62.14 miles 100000 Meters 328083.99 Feet
500 clicks 310.69 miles 500000 Meters 1640419.95 Feet
1000 clicks 621.37 miles 1000000 Meters 3280839.89 Feet
5000 clicks 3106.86 miles 5000000 Meters 16404199.47 Feet
10000 clicks 6213.71 miles 10000000 Meters 32808398.95 Feet

The table above describes the distance of each click in the military. If you still have any questions concerning “how far is a klick in military terms?”, feel free to use the comment box below and we will attain to it.

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