FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks 2024

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) salary structure is solely based on your ranking and corresponds to the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS). In this article, we shall carefully walk you through the FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks 2024, Allowances, and other financial benefits.

So if wish to join the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) or you are already in the system, knowing the FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks is crucial. Read through this guide to get every detail.

The whole essence of the FRSC salary structure is to ensure fairness and transparency in compensation. Also, note that the agency will never allocate equal salaries to different positions. Salaries are allocated based on rank, educational attainment, qualifications, and years of experience.

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

The Nigerian Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is a governmental body solely responsible for the management of roads and ensuring safety in the country. Since it was established in 1988, the agency has been in charge of ensuring that citizens comply with traffic rules and regulations, insurance of driver licenses, and vehicle registration in the country.

FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks 2024

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) salary structure is based on a combination of factors, including rank and educational qualifications. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Salary by Rank:

Higher ranks command significantly higher salaries. For instance, a Chief Inspector (CI) can earn an annual basic salary of ₦1,405,449, while a Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) might make ₦305,576 annually.

Salary by Qualification:

Educational qualifications play a role in determining the entry point on the salary scale.

Someone entering with an O’Level certificate might start at a grade level of three (3), while someone with an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) could begin at grade level five (5).

Below are FRSC Salary with Qualifications

Officers that got into the agency with O’level receive two hundred and ninety-eight thousand, five hundred and six naira (N298,506) to three hundred and thirty thousand, two hundred and thirty-one naira (N330,231). They are placed on grade level three (3).

Officers who were recruited into the agency with Ordinary National Diploma are paid three hundred and twenty-nine thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three naira (N329,853) to three hundred and seventy-four thousand, two hundred and fifty-nine naira (N374,259), and placed under grade level five (5).

Officers who joined the agency with Higher National Diploma certificates received four hundred and eighty-three thousand, fourteen naira (N483,014) to five hundred and sixty-seven thousand, sixty-five naira (N567,065). They are placed on grade level seven (7).

Officers that joined the agency with a degree receive eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand, nine hundred and fifty-six naira (N888,956) to nine hundred and eighty-eight thousand, nine hundred and ninety-one naira (N988,991). They are placed on grade level eight (8).

That being said, we have taken out time to outline the list of FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks 2024. See below.

Rank Salary Range (Naira)
Marshal Inspector (MI) N29,789 – N37,003
Marshal Inspector 2 (MI-2) N45,000 – N56,000
Marshal Inspector 3 (MI-3) N51,002 – N64,002
Assistant Route Commander (ARC) N121,002 – N156,002
Deputy Route Commander (DRC) N167,002 – N220,002
Route Commander (RC) N230,002 – N296,002
Superintendent Route Commander (SRC) N321,002 – N416,002
Chief Route Commander (CRC) N399,002 – N531,002
Assistant Corps Commander (ACC) N483,002 – N531,002
Deputy Corps Commander (DCC) N531,002 – N649,002
Corps Commander (CC) N649,002 – N711,002
Deputy Corps Commander (DCC) N1,405,442 – N1,499,702
Assistant Corps Marshal (ACM) N1,758,002 – N1,966,002
Deputy Corps Marshal (DCM) N2,037,002 – N2,350,002
Corps Marshal (CM) N2,266,002 – N2,616,002

Other Benefits and Allowances

Aside from the basic salary allocated to FRSC according to ranks, individuals are entitled to other stipends and financial benefits. Some of them include:

  • Transport Allowance: For transportation, officers are granted allowance to help them cater for their transportation despite the locations.
  • Hazard Allowance: The agency recognizes the risks faced by officers in dangerous situations.
  • Housing Allowance: This allowance helps cover the costs of finding a place to live.
  • Meal Allowance: Provides financial support for officers to purchase food.
  • Leave Allowance: A financial boost for officers when they take time off.
  • Medical Allowance: Assists officers with covering healthcare expenses.
  • Furniture Allowance: Helps officers furnish their homes.


According to position and qualifications, the FRSC salary structure of 2024 provides a transparent method of remuneration. This organizational structure guarantees equitable compensation, promotes career advancement, and recognizes the greater responsibilities of higher positions. The FRSC attempts to offer a full benefits package to its officers, including additional benefits for housing, food, and other necessities.

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