Abia State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowances

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Abia State Civil Service Salary Structure

 The Abia State Civil Service Commission has released details of the salaries and allowances that Abia State civil servants across all grade levels are entitled to.

This information was released to enable prospective civil servants to know the salaries and allowances attached to them.

Are you thinking of joining the Abia State Civil Service Commission? Then you need to read this article for clarity on the salary and allowances your educational qualification affords you.

Abia State pays civil servants a relatively high Salary and there are also allowances attached to the pay.  As civil servants’ statuses elevate, they are upgraded to a higher salary grade level with a significant pay raise. Salary grade levels are determined by academic qualifications, years of service, and skills.

Abia State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowances 2024

Abia State operates a Harmonized Public Service Salary Structure (HAPSS), which came into existence on March 1, 2007. Below is a tabulated breakdown of Abia State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowances, the salaries and allowances have been broken down by salary grade level for clarity.

Grade Level Salary range (N)
01 19,500 – 27,000
02 21,000 – 29,500
03 22,000 – 32,000
04 22,500 – 35,000
05 25,000 – 41,000
06 31,000 – 49,500
07 41,500 – 64,000
08 54,000 – 80,000
09 63,500 – 96,000
10 73,000 – 111,500
12 87,500 – 127,000
13 98,000 – 138,500
14 107,500 – 153,000
15 120,000 – 167,500
16 132,000 – 190,000
17 147,500 – 213,500

From the table above, the lowest salary grade level is Salary Grade Level 01 and the salary for a Grade Level 1 civil servant ranges from N19,500 – N27,000. The highest Salary Grade Level for Abia State Civil servants is Level 17 and the salary ranges from 147,500 – 213,500. This means that the lowest pay a civil servant in Abia State is entitled to is N19,500 and the highest is N213,500.

The table above shows a rough estimate of the Abia State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowances. Civil servants stand to earn higher through promotions, years of experience and additional certifications.

Abia State Civil Service Allowances

In addition to the base salaries paid to Abia State Civil servants, they are also entitled to allowances. Below are some of the allowances allocated to Abia State Civil servants.

  1. Housing allowance
  2. Transport allowance
  3. Medical allowance
  4. Food allowance
  5. Uniform allowance
  6. Leave allowance
  7. Training allowance


The salary for Abia State civil servants is based on their grade level, experience, and qualifications. Civil servants are entitled to allowances, bonuses, and salary increments depending on their grade level. To move further up in the ranks, civil servants must write promotional examinations, and obtain additional certifications.

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